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Hope Live and In a Jar (articles and appearances)

By Ted Hope

My collected speaking engagements, articles, etc:

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • June 12, 2011, Film Society Of Lincoln Center, moderator “The New Collaborators”
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    Selected & Recommend Topics For Future Speaking Engagements

    • The New Ethics Of Creating In The Time Of The New Poverty
    • The Rise Of The Artist Entrepreneur / Erasing The Dividing Line Between Art & Commerce
    • Wake Up To The Real World: Creating For Today
    • The Producers’ Evolving Job Description (What Is Required Today)
    • How To Get Your First Film Made (And Made Well)
    • Communication Skills For Filmmakers
    • Script Development For Producers (And Their Collaborators)
    • Improving The Filmmaker/Financier Relationship
    • New Business Opportunities In The Changing World Of Indie Film
    • Starting, Building, Sustaining A Career In Indie Film
    • Sixty Films In Twenty Years: Highlights & Missteps

    Recent Speaking Engagements and Things

    • May, 2011, Columbia University, New York, Sanda Schulberg’s Class
    • May, 2011, Cannes Film Festival, Producers’ Breakfast
    • April 2011, Columbia University, New York, Michael Hausman’s Class
    • April 20, 2011, Beijing, China, Beijing Film Academy
    • March, 2011, Amsterdam, Holland, Binger Film Institute (w/ Christine Vachon)
    • March, 2011, London, England (w/ Christine Vachon)
    • March, 2011, Sheffield, England (w/ Christine Vachon)
    • March, 2011, Dublin, Ireland (w/ Christine Vachon)
    • February, 2011, New York City, Independent Film Week, moderator (w/ Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, & Josh Mond)
    • February, 2011, Paris, France La Femis Film School (via Skype)
    • February, 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark (via Skype w/ Thomas Mai)
    • February, 2011, Cal Arts, Los Angles, Jon Reiss’ Class (via Skype)
    • February, 2011, Phoenix, AZ, Arizona State University, Adam Collis’ Class
    • European ThinkTank on Film and Film Policy, Copenhagen, Dec 8th
    • Cuba Film School & Havana Film Festival, Nov 29th -Dec 5th
    • Oct 9th, 2010 NYC Vimeo Awards
    • Woodstock Film Festival, Woodstock, NY 10/3/10
    • IFP’s Independent Film Week, NYC 09/19/10
    • June 20th, 2010 Los Angeles, LAFF “Seize The Power” Marketing & Distribution Symposium Keynote “The Rise Of The Artist Entrepreneur”.

    Videos & Recorded Discussions

    Rants and Hype

    Articles About Me

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