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About Me

By Ted Hope

CEO, Fandor

XTed-Hope-181Hope joined Fandor as CEO in February of 2014, bringing with him a wealth of film experience as a creator, curator, advocate and innovator in the film community as well as a vision for how Fandor will grow in the ever-changing digital world of content distribution. Using innovative ways to find and share a greater array of works with the audience that craves them is Fandor’s mission and among Hope’s strongest passions.

Prior to Fandor, Hope was the Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society where he successfully raised significant new sponsorship funding, expanded the San Francisco International Film Festival’s offerings to include the innovative Artist to Entrepreneur (A2E) program and launched their new Fall Awards event. He also introduced new alliances, including a distribution arrangement with Sundance Artist Services and implemented several grants in such areas as documentary, strategic planning, and operations.

Hope is an influential figure in the film community with a survey of films numbering over seventy that includes many highlights and breakthroughs of the last two decades. Hope co-founded and ran the 90′s production and sales powerhouse Good Machine, which produced notable and Academy Award nominated films such as EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (1994) and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000). After he and his partners sold the company in 2002, Hope went on to co-found the New York production company This is that, which over its eight years produced eighteen features and received numerous awards, including four Academy Award Best Screenplay nominations. Subsequently, he founded Double Hope Films with his wife, filmmaker Vanessa Hope, and looks forward to premiering Vanessa’s feature directorial debut ALL EYES AND EARS at festivals this fall.

Hope’s films have received some of the industry’s most prestigious honors: THE SAVAGES (2007) earned two Academy Award nominations; 21 GRAMS (2003), two Academy Award nominations and five BAFTA nominations; and IN THE BEDROOM (2001), five Academy Award nominations. Ted holds a record at Sundance: three of his twenty-three Sundance entries (AMERICAN SPLENDOR (2003), THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN (1995), and WHAT HAPPENED WAS . . . (1994)) have won the Grand Jury Prize, more than any other producer. Two of his films, AMERICAN SPLENDOR (2003), and HAPPINESS (1998) have won the Critics Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Hope’s first book HOPE FOR FILM, a film memoir with insights from his directors and productions, comes out late Summer 2014 from Counterpunch Press. Hope posts regularly on his HopeForFilm blog, home of Truly Free Film, which Variety has called a “fantastic resource.” He also co-founded HammerToNail.com, a film review site focused on Truly Independent Film. 

 Hope is recognized, by The Hollywood Reporter and other publications, as one of the most influential and powerful people in Independent Film. He has received numerous awards and honors including the Vision Award from the LA Filmmakers’ Alliance and the Woodstock Film Festival’s Honorary Trailblazer Award. He lectures throughout the world (most recently as the Keynote Speaker at both the FEMA’s Directors Conference in London and at the Binger FilmLab Digital Summit in Amsterdam) and participates on many film juries, (including Sundance, SXSW, and Karlovy Vary). Hope serves on the advisory boards of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, The Film Collaborative, Power to the Pixel, SXSW Film, and the Woodstock Film Festival.

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  1. darcy gladwin / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Godplex – Aus / NZ indie feature new trailer, call for pre-sales as it heads for festivals.

    A very unique thing about Godplex is that the two lead roles are played by established artists (performance poet, fine arts painter) in their début screen performances.

    “Godplex is a very contemporary film in the tradition of the surreal, comic, poetic, polemical, philosophical and bizarre independent cinema.” JOHN HUGHES


    regards, Darcy

  2. Douglas Alan Herman / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    How does one become a guest writer/ contributor here at Ted Hope? I’m an old geezer who went back to community college and made a feature film over spring break and now I’m writing about the “hexperience.” There is a brief synopsis of the beginning on the internet, called Throwing Caution to The Wind: How I Wrote, Directed & Produced a Feature Film at the age of 59.

    (Google Throwing Caution to the Wind | Strike-The-Root:)

    Thanks in Advance

  3. Ronald / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

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  4. Dato Kiknavelidze / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hello, my name is Dato Kiknavelidze. I am the co-founder of Lira Production Animation Studios and the director of our current projects, the animated short film Genohttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/geno-animated-short-film-about-saving-the-world-animation . Geno is a story about a grumpy toad who must learn to work with his neighbors in order to save his pond from destruction at the hands of real estate developers, and we hope that the film will help raise awareness about the environment and encourage people to work together to make the world a better place.

    Lira Production Animation Studios is an animation studio based out of Georgia, and in addition to raising awareness about the environment, we hope that Geno will help show that independent animation, and the arts in general, can grow and flourish around the world. Even a small animation studio in Georgia, or Russia, or elsewhere can develop a project and use it to positively impact the world.

    If you want to help us, we welcome you to join our endeavor. We are immensely grateful for any assistance the public and the artistic community want to provide. Direct funding is, of course, the greatest help, but if you cannot afford to donate funds or grants, then simply spreading the word about Geno to your followers, funders, and supporters is extremely helpful to us.

    Thank you.

    Dato Kiknavelidze

  5. Suzanne R. Krauss / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Right out of college I worked at Samuel Goldwyn in Publicity. I worked with Good Machine on Ang Lee’s first films in the US. You all were an inspiration to me to pen my memoir (years later), “To Vegas and Back”. I wanted to bring my story to life on paper, as I had first seen in the scrips of “The Wedding Banquet” & “East Drink Man Woman”. Now I am open to having my words come to life and you are the filmmakers/producers I trust with my story: Ted Hope, James Schamus and Ang Lee. I know you are all on different paths now, but maybe? Love to send you my raw and real book for your consideration . . . as a project in the near future.
    Thank you for your time! SK

  6. Suzanne R. Krauss / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    that would be “scripts”, not scrips! love that my new phone thinks it is smarter than I am.

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  8. Kristopher Dolphin / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

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