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December 17 at 8:15am

Wanted Experts & Experienced Filmmakers To Help The Community

By Ted Hope

I was thinking about all the things that must be freaking out the filmmakers headed to their first film festival.  I feel them  It’s wonderful to get into a film festival, but what happens next can be panic inducing.  I was thinking about how I could help the fortunate & the cursed.  

I have collected a bunch of posts from the past that may help some, and will run them shortly; I am currently thinking Dec. 27th.  

But so many more posts on prepping for festivals and one’s career are needed.  Perhaps you know someone who’d write one for us.  Below are a few topics for suggestions.  Let me know what else we should ask for.  Would you write one?  Do you know someone that could?  Why not send them this list?  I will post what is available (and provided it is community-focused).

Audience Aggregation:

  • “How To Leave A Festival With As Many Fans As Possible”
  • “Best Practices For A Long Term Strategy Towards Building An Audience”
  • “How You Can Benefit From Free Non-monetized Content”

Career & Sustainibilty:

  • “How To Use A Festival As A Foundation For The Rest Of Your Life”
  • “An Agent Wants To Sign Me.  What Do I Do?”
  • “Do I Need A Manager Too?”
  • “How Do I Connect The Dots For Financiers Between This Movie & That One Still To Come?”


  • “Build Your Filmmaker Support Group; You Don’t Have To Be Alone.”
  • “Transparency 101: What Should You Share?”
  • What Should You Give Back?”


  • “If You Sell Your Film, What Are You Going To Have To Deliver?”


  • “Am I Ready For The Festival To Be My Distribution Launch?”
  • “What Can The Distributor Do That I Can Not Do Myself?”
  • “Can Long-term All Media,Territorial Liscensing Survive?”

Festival Strategy:

  • “What’s Next?  Where Do You Play After Your Premiere?”
  • “Who Do You Want To Meet At A Festival & Why?”
  • “Why Shouldn’t I Use The Festival To Launch My Distro?


  • “Additional Content: What Do You Need & How Can You Use It?”
  • “How Do You Speak About Your Film? Different Themes For Different Audiences”
  • “Poster Design 101″
  • “Trailer Cutting 101″
  • “What Stills Are The Best Stills?”


  • “What Makes For Good Press Notes”
  • “How To Write A Director’s Statement”
  • “How To Find The HOOK Of Your Film”
  • “How To Give Good Interview”


  • “What Questions Do You Ask A Potential Buyer For Your Film”
  • “What If No One Wants To License Your Film?”

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  1. Kelly Dare / Dec 17 at 8:15am

    good idea! how long should answers be?

  2. Bible Quiz Movie / Dec 17 at 8:15am

    From a first-time feature filmmaker about to premiere–thank you! :) Your posts are so helpful! My documentary feature “Bible Quiz” is set to premiere in competition at Slamdance in Park City, UT this January and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on all of the above topics you mentioned. Looking forward to reading…! :)

  3. Josh Folan / Dec 17 at 8:15am

    I have an article I wrote for Film Courage that is a great fit for this – a 100% transparent look at my approach to securing a
    distributor for my first feature, All God’s Creatures, that fits quite
    well under the Community and Distribution categories of the topics here. I’d be happy to have it go out to your readers, and
    hopefully help lesser business savvy filmmakers find some direction
    with their distribution hunt. Shoot me an email at jf@nyehentertainment.com and I’ll send it over.

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