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December 6 at 12:12pm

If The Art Of The Samurai Is Not Having To Draw One’s Sword…

By Ted Hope

IMG_9072Gary Meyer’s blog EatDrinkFilms captures three of life’s great pleasures in a single dose. I am very pleased to have one of my favorite tales from my book excerpted there now.

Picture this: it is the first film you’ve financed yourself. You and your team are in a foreign land. Your money has been cut off and your financier picks you up, refusing to speak, and takes you up into the mountains where you are required to disrobe.

“One trait that helps producers is an imagination that can take you to the worst-case scenario, so that you can guard against it. I am prone to many dark thoughts, but I hadn’t anticipated this.”

Read the excerpt here.

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  1. Martin Small / Dec 6 at 12:12pm

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