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About Me

By Ted Hope

CEO, Fandor

XTed-Hope-181Hope joined Fandor as CEO in February of 2014, bringing with him a wealth of film experience as a creator, curator, advocate and innovator in the film community as well as a vision for how Fandor will grow in the ever-changing digital world of content distribution. Using innovative ways to find and share a greater array of works with the audience that craves them is Fandor’s mission and among Hope’s strongest passions.

Prior to Fandor, Hope was the Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society where he successfully raised significant new sponsorship funding, expanded the San Francisco International Film Festival’s offerings to include the innovative Artist to Entrepreneur (A2E) program and launched their new Fall Awards event. He also introduced new alliances, including a distribution arrangement with Sundance Artist Services and implemented several grants in such areas as documentary, strategic planning, and operations.

Hope is an influential figure in the film community with a survey of films numbering over seventy that includes many highlights and breakthroughs of the last two decades. Hope co-founded and ran the 90′s production and sales powerhouse Good Machine, which produced notable and Academy Award nominated films such as EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (1994) and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000). After he and his partners sold the company in 2002, Hope went on to co-found the New York production company This is that, which over its eight years produced eighteen features and received numerous awards, including four Academy Award Best Screenplay nominations. Subsequently, he founded Double Hope Films with his wife, filmmaker Vanessa Hope, and looks forward to premiering Vanessa’s feature directorial debut ALL EYES AND EARS at festivals this fall.

Hope’s films have received some of the industry’s most prestigious honors: THE SAVAGES (2007) earned two Academy Award nominations; 21 GRAMS (2003), two Academy Award nominations and five BAFTA nominations; and IN THE BEDROOM (2001), five Academy Award nominations. Ted holds a record at Sundance: three of his twenty-three Sundance entries (AMERICAN SPLENDOR (2003), THE BROTHERS MCMULLEN (1995), and WHAT HAPPENED WAS . . . (1994)) have won the Grand Jury Prize, more than any other producer. Two of his films, AMERICAN SPLENDOR (2003), and HAPPINESS (1998) have won the Critics Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Hope’s first book HOPE FOR FILM, a film memoir with insights from his directors and productions, comes out late Summer 2014 from Counterpunch Press. Hope posts regularly on his HopeForFilm blog, home of Truly Free Film, which Variety has called a “fantastic resource.” He also co-founded HammerToNail.com, a film review site focused on Truly Independent Film. 

 Hope is recognized, by The Hollywood Reporter and other publications, as one of the most influential and powerful people in Independent Film. He has received numerous awards and honors including the Vision Award from the LA Filmmakers’ Alliance and the Woodstock Film Festival’s Honorary Trailblazer Award. He lectures throughout the world (most recently as the Keynote Speaker at both the FEMA’s Directors Conference in London and at the Binger FilmLab Digital Summit in Amsterdam) and participates on many film juries, (including Sundance, SXSW, and Karlovy Vary). Hope serves on the advisory boards of the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, The Film Collaborative, Power to the Pixel, SXSW Film, and the Woodstock Film Festival.

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  1. Nicole Fairbrother / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    I am Nicole Fairbrother. I am a passionate writer, director and actor out of Vancouver, Canada. I’m also a divorced mother of three daughters and looking to not only take my career to heights that only a few female directors have dared to go but to annihilate any distinction between genders in this business. I have a dream that someday, we will not need to encourage women to write female driven films. I have a dream that someday, we will not need to promote women in film. I have a dream that someday, when a female director graces that stage to claim her Oscar, whether it be me, one of my daughters, or one of my sisters from every corner of this earth, that it will not matter that the film was directed by a woman but simply that is was deserving of the highest distinction.

    Indeed, I am starting small with my short indie film ‘Glimpse’ but this very film cries out to the pain, the beauty and ultimately the choices that we as people must make in our lives and the power that we hold so preciously in our hands to shape our future and the lives of those we touch. I know of this power not only as a mother but as an actress, writer and director. I can feel it coursing through my very veins pulling me, pushing me to go there… and beyond. Glimpse’s synopsis is evidence of that…

    Glimpse’s synopsis: If you had a chance to see your entire life with someone, to see when the innocence is ripped away, when the pain almost breaks you, when the beauty takes you to such heights and the love envelopes the very core of your being , if you had the chance to see all of this, before ever meeting that person, would you still choose to be with them?

    This visually stunning, powerful film will be produce by http://www.tritonfilms.net and Gabriel Napora, the man who helmed Neil Blomkamp’s (‘District 9′; ‘Elysium’) first film. Brilliant DP Christopher Banting and Finale Editworks (‘Fido’; ‘Good Luck Chuck’) are also on board. Below you will see my bio and what has led me to become the determined, passionate and inspired filmmaker that I am today.

    I am on the precipice of launching a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign for ‘Glimpse’. I know come hell or high water that I will make this happen. I ask that you help me raise a little hell and promote the first of many, many projects to come by covering ‘Glimpse’ when we go live.

    With bated breath,

    Nicole Fairbrother


    I know that when most people think of a writer and director, they think of Hollywood. Lights, camera, action – right? That my life is running from big studio meetings, to press junkets to expensive film sets. But my life is more like an indie film. It’s raw, real, sometimes fucking depressing and quite honestly has no budget whatsoever.

    If I were to be completely honest with you, I would have to admit that I’m an aging, divorced, single mother of three daughters who is going after one of the hardest and least guaranteed professions in this world. Little by little at this, what would be considered in the film industry, old age, I’m just starting a career that usually takes people a lifetime to reach the Oscar-like summit.
    But I will be one of the few to rise to that peak. I don’t just say it, I believe it. Everything in my life has led me up to this point. I have tried to be everything else. I have tried to be the Psychology University student. Seven years left me a lot wiser but severely in debt. I have tried to be the good Christian wife. Twelve years of marriage and a nasty divorce left me ostracized by my Church, community and those I believed to by my closest friends.

    I tried to pretend to be all the things I wasn’t. You haven’t met a better actor. I can carry on a roll until it nearly destroys me. During my last couple years of marriage, doctors informed me that I would most likely be dead in a year if I didn’t fix whatever was killing me inside. I had to finally fess up to myself. I wasn’t any of these things that I thought everyone else expected or needed me to be. I was a person who had dreams of her own and no matter how silly they seemed, even to the small farm girl inside of me, they needed to breathe.

    I have written plays ever since I can remember but somehow didn’t ever see how that imaginary world could meet the real one. In a world where you are constantly met with no after no, it can be so very easy to believe those voices, even your own until your own body turns on you. I realized I needed to fight. I needed to fight for the little girl inside of me and the three little ones who I was determined to raise with a fierceness their own mother took years to embrace. But you must be fierce and determined and believe no one else can make a story come to life like you can. No one, NO ONE, can tell your story like you can.

    The first time I showed the world one of my stories was when I lost my son in my mid twenties. Holding my dead newborn child in my arms was an anguish I could not verbally describe. Not knowing what else to do, I wrote out the pain. It transformed into a poem, a lullaby to the child whose smile I would never see, whose voice I would never hear.

    A family member, so moved by my writing, sent the poem out to a publisher. The piece was soon published and even sooner I started receiving letters from people all over the country, people that had experienced the same loss but whose words got choked back by their own cries and people that had never experienced the horror and yet felt a deep connection. My simple, brutally honest words had formed a connection.

    Soon after my divorce, a fervor of writing took over. True, I had read a few scripts through the several projects I had acted in but in all honestly, I didn’t know anything, just what my gut told me. I sent my first script off to a colleague who judged screenwriting competitions. He said my script would have made it into the top five. He encouraged me to submit my work mentioning how the scripts got bought and made. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. My vision did not end on the paper. My vision ended on screen. That script was born from my experiences, those years of living in worlds I truly never belonged in and only I could complete the vision by taking it to film.

    A lot of reading, learning, five features, one television series and two shorts later I sit at the threshold of directing my first film. Amos Bronson Alcott said, ” We mount to heaven mostly on the ruins of our cherished schemes, finding our failures were successes.” My failures have led me to this, to me, to connect to the lives of others and maybe even… to inspire them.

  2. Kevin Tobin / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    “Darwin’s Dead” (13min)
    https://vimeo.com/74892340 pw: darwin
    This is an experimental film. It does not adhere to any traditional or familiar narrative structure, but it does, in fact, have a story (or stories, I should say). There is a story about post-graduate assimiliation and routine, and another about the creative process. Then there is a story about civilized, post-industrial growth and our relationship to unnatural focres. And then, of course, there is the story about you and me and everyone we know…
    ***Please note, this film contains rapidly moving images and may trigger reactions to people with photosensitive conditions.
    Kevin Tobin

  3. chris / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Simply Put; I need advice on what to put in a film finance request package, right?

    Chris DeJong
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts from The University of Utah
    Sundance Shorts Lab Los Angeles, 2010

    Writer A Story of the Hopi WGAw #1651447

    Back Story:
    I’ve always had this idea of doing a film on the native americans of the southwest, mainly based on the cliff dwellings, the Kachina masks and the snake dance. I took what I thought I knew from photos and captions from Frank Waters’ Book of the Hopi. I wrote a short film screenplay for school which when read in class a fellow student, a Navajo woman, stated that she liked how I mixed the geographic regions and different tribes, which was not my intention, I just didn’t know. I then did some research, I acquired journals from anthropologists that studied the Hopi c. 1900. Their notes are incredibly detailed, mentioning who sat where, what they did with what hand, what was said, etc. Essentially the anthropologists barged there way into the kivas and took notes.

    I had been transcribing the notes into screenplay format when I then met a Hopi man during the Sundance Film Festival who introduced me to another book, Visual Testament, which thoroughly goes over Hopi religious rituals. I read this book and incorporated certain rituals into my existing script and added sections as well, essentially covering most of a years rituals, just my notes not even in screenplay format were near 500 pages long.

    I then went down to Hopi land and met a few chiefs. It was a very informative experience. I learned a lot, information one can not find in any book; I was taken to a spot on First Mesa where anciently a white man with a beard descended from the heavens to teach them, all this being explained to me by a little old man, a Hopi chieftain, in which he alluded to a ritual I had never read about. I learned that the Kachina clan, specifically, left for the Americas by boat from the Arabian peninsula and are descendents of Israel, that acts performed in the kivas are reminiscent of those performed in the ancient temples of Israel. I also learned that information from the anthropologists may be wrong or interpreted incorrectly to preserve the mystery, that the Hopi led the anthropologists away or just told them anything to get them to get out of the kivas, or they would even re-do rituals correctly when the anthropologists were gone or distracted, that’s a story right there. I pondered that version of my story, the young new white anthropologist dealing with the nuances of the Hopi but in the end the story I have now is the only way.

    Never the less, I did shorten my script considerably, to just 90 pages. I am only covering the tail end of the Niman Kachina ceremony and then the Snake dance ritual in its entirety, which coincide back to back in the summer months. I then added details to the script which help determine the time period, they did not encounter white men until the 15th century. For the most part, the observations made in c. 1900 would be similar to the lifestyle of the 12th century. I also added three scenes which are too cinematically important to pass up, they don’t fit into the flow if the story chronologically but they are so interesting that I want them to be featurettes or even previews for the film.

    I finished my script and registered it with the Writers Guild, I can’t afford to have it copyrighted, I need to pay Tom Cryer, Frank Waters’ family and Penguin Books for info from Visual Testament and Book of the Hopi, the journals are all public domain since no one bothered to re-register their copyrights. My WGAw registration covers any attempts of plagiarism.

    After this I moved forward with finding help regarding creating, compiling and formatting a movie budget. I reached out to a family friend who is now retired but worked at Paramount as line producer, I got antsy and also contacted UPM’s in the DGA for help. Everyone was just super nice. I got what I needed, ended up using the U’s Movie Magic Budgeting software along with some serious industry professional advice, I mean some of the people that responded, Wow! I couldn’t believe they were talking to me.

    During this I also finished the shooting schedule, based on cast members needed in a scene, animals, locations, camera set ups and type of camera being used, some shots in certain scenes require the IMAX camera system (this is not an IMAX movie, the 70mm film and the lenses used in the large format system bring a certain surrealism, e.g. the Kachinas represent beings from another world, etc). I do know that when things are actually arranged and I am able to find financing the first thing will be to streamline the project, the budget and schedule, which may increase or decrease the amount of shooting days and funds needed, which I think must be fair as I have every intention to surround myself with the best cinematographer, AD, UPM, crew and SFX teams available.

    I am reaching out like I did with the DGA, it was a worthwhile experience, I learned a lot and now I am on to the next step, film financing.

    How do i get 14 million dollars to make a movie that has no white people, action or conventional plot?

    I know I need to be there, but I’m in Salt Lake City, I don’t have money to go to Los Angeles to take meetings, it’s 2013, I can email and talk on the phone until something is more definite, right?

    Financiers want people attached to the project. With no initial money I don’t feel it is appropriate or professional to just say I’m making a film, when I am clearly not. I do want to make a movie, I want to make it well and there must certain normal and appropriate procedures one must take to acquire financing. What are these steps?

    I’m ready to ask for money, or is that what I am really even trying to do? Or like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, he wants to be a “rich man” so he can spend time with his family and read the Torah, but he doesn’t really need money for those things. Am I in that kind of a situation, is there another way or do I really just need a whole bunch of money?

    My Opinion:
    The story is passive and purely observational, it’s an homage to the southwest, a few scenes mimic artist Maynard Dixon paintings and illustrations (look him up). The film can be classified as an historical drama, a period piece or an art film. We watch the Hopi prepare themselves and act out rituals. We observe the Hopi gather and prepare their food and items for clothing, picking and carding cotton, dying yarn and weaving on primitive looms, farming techniques. Explanations are not given in detail in which a narrator would explain their intentions but the audience will have to pay attention and observe; the pots of bee hives under a rock overhang as they walk up the hill, or the small stalks of corn in circular and terraced rows in the distance, along with their dress, the tools they use even the pentameter of their voices, the poetry of their language, that is the story.

    You know how they say life is too short? Well, life is too long, not kids or youth or traveling but as to work and careers, it’s too long for me to just accept 40-60 hours a week at a job I hate, I owe it to myself to persist in making my project a reality.

    Additional marketing idea:

    I also have an idea I would like to use as an indirect promotional tool. The similarities between the ancient temples in Israel and the kivas as well as the temples the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints use all have a certain historical and artistic mystery. I think perhaps a gallery or museum show displaying works of art in which to explain the rituals in a tasteful manner may be attractive to those interested in history and religion. I intend to arrange this as well, but feel an actual go ahead with the film is needed before I approach historians, museums, galleries and collectors.

    Chris DeJong

  4. SaviorHide / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    My advice: your rambling post is way too long and extraneous. Learn to be a more efficient communicator.

  5. Carlton Sugarman / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    We are trying to bring awareness (and a little more money) to our film “The Amateur” as well as the many awesome indie bands involved in the project. “The Amateur” is a naturalistic musical about a 30 something musician trying to make it in LA. This film was shot on a micro budget and wouldn’t have been possible to make without the generosity of all of the artists involved.

    Please take a look at our Kickstarter page:

    If you like what you see, can you please help us spread word of our project and campaign – that would be awesome. Thank you.

    Carlton Sugarman
    “The Amateur”

  6. Mor shamay / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted!

    Thought you might be interested in mentioning this new short film that is currently in production. Feel free to use the info below or contact me for any questions.


    The Sirens – Press Release

    Student Kickstarter Film Receives Support of Award Winners James Strouse and Christopher Newman.

    New York, NY – Two time Sundance Film Festival winner James Strouse and three time Oscar winner Christopher Newman have just put their names behind a small kickstarter project by an unknown student prodigy called Mor Shamay (this is her first professional short, after several creative projects that have caught the attention of Professors at New York’s School of Visual Arts.) Both have been teaching their respective art at New York’s SVA – School of Visual Arts. Upon reading the script and being approached by Miss Shamay for support, the two agreed to place their support for the student’s final project.

    While it is not uncommon to see creative minds supporting Kickstarter projects, it is worth noting that these two Executive Producers may take this tiny project and help turn it into the next surprise hit at next year’s festival circuit.

    About The Film

    The Sirens revolves around a couple in a passionless marriage, whose weekend getaway is interrupted by the wife’s beautiful younger sister dropping by unexpectedly. You can find details and updates on the production at The Sirens website (thesirensfilm.com) or see what all the fuss is about on their Kickstarter page. (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/436454242/the-sirens)


  7. Lucie Warrington / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted,

    I wanted to drop you a line about a documentary that may be of interest for your blog.

    Known as ‘The Jazz Man’ throughout the North East of England and further
    afield, the late Keith Crombie was an eccentric character who ran the
    legendary jazz cafe in Newcastle upon Tyne for 23 years.

    Visits (and impromptu performances) from Wynton Marsalis and Harry Connick Jnr just added to the stories about the place.

    Now Keith’s god-daughter and filmmaker, Abi Lewis, is in the final stages
    of creating a documentary on the man, his beloved jazz cafe and featuring the
    people who loved it, including Eric Burdon (The Animals), RSC actor Greg Hicks and film director Mike Figgis.

    The film trailer and background story can be seen here http://kck.st/HMtI6k

    Any help in spreading the word on this campaign would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks so much, Lucie

  8. Jessica Safran / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted! I wanted to share this international film festival opportunity with you that is taking place this summer.

    Slater Brothers Entertainment would like to invite independent filmmakers to take part in The Hamilton International Film Festival, a non-profit festival in Hamilton, New York. The four day event lasts from July 31st- August 3rd, and it is a prime networking spot for filmmakers from across the globe. Several films have gone on to receive worldwide distribution as a direct result of appearing at the international festival. The Slater Brothers’ objective is to help put rising directors and producers on the national stage with their films and upcoming projects. The brothers’ commitment to showcasing new work has had lasting benefits for the filmmakers long after the festival ends.

    For more information about Slater Brothers Entertainment and The Hamilton International Film Festival, please visit the website: http://www.slaterbrothersentertainment.com/#!about-the-festival/c1fr3.

    If you would like to submit your project to the festival, please follow the guidelines on the website. The direct link to enter is: http://www.slaterbrothersentertainment.com/#!entries/cvrc.

    Early Entry Fee: Received by June 6th, 2014: $25 per film
    Regular Entry Fee: Received by June 20th, 2014: $35 per film

  9. Phillip O'Sullivan / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted!

    Just to introduce myself, my name is Phillip O’Sullivan and I am working on behalf of Intense Productions which recently launched Intense Distribution to release the Zachary Quinto (‘Star Trek’, ‘Heroes’) produced horror/ thriller Banshee Chapter in the UK.

    We are organising a series of exclusive 1-day film masterclasses across the UK in association with UK Trade and Investment NW focusing around ‘How to Make a Micro Budget Film and Sell it’, along with Hollywood Actor and Producer Carlos Gallardo, who was the lead actor and Producer on the independent hit film ‘El Mariachi’ which marked the feature directorial debut of Robert Rodriguez. Shot on a budget of only $7,000 in 1992, ‘El Mariachi’ went on to launch the careers of Carlos Gallardo and his close friend, Robert Rodriguez. Together they went on to produce the hugely successful box office hits ‘Desperado’ starring Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ starring Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek.

    El Mariachi Trilogy Montage – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D7ogIMnRq4

    Often quoted as a film which re-defined the Independent film industry, ‘El Mariachi’ entered the books of cinema history and inspired a generation of filmmakers. Now filmmakers will have the opportunity to hear and learn from Carlos Gallardo.

    This intensive 1-day masterclass is designed to equip filmmakers with the knowledge to launch, produce and distribute their own successful feature film. The masterclass will cover: screen writing, raising finance, casting, production, post production, sales and distribution, panel discussions, Q&A session, along with case studies of commercially successful independent productions that have raised finance, secured talent, as well as securing international sales and worldwide distribution.

    Dates and Venues for the 1-day masterclasses are as follows -

    Monday 28th April – GLASGOW
    The Corinthian Club, 191 Ingram Street, G1 1DA

    Wednesday 30th April – LANCASTER
    Gregson Arts and Community Centre, 33 Moorgate, LA1 3PY

    Thursday 1st May – NEWCASTLE
    Tyneside Cinema, 10 Pilgrim Street, NE1 6QG

    Saturday 3rd May – LONDON
    Goldsmith’s University, Lewisham Way, SE14 6NW

    Monday 5th May – MANCHESTER
    Comedy Store, 3/4 Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St W, M1 5LH

    Tickets are priced at £99 per person (£79 Early Bird until 7th April and £79 for Students).

    All masterclasses start at 9:30am and finish at 5:30pm.

    Places are limited and tickets can be booked online at


    I’ve attached further information and we would be incredibly grateful if you would be open to sharing details of this masterclass with your colleagues and network and perhaps even consider attending yourself?

    We hope that these masterclasses will really open doors to independent filmmakers, writers, directors, producers and students alike, as well as those who have wanted to get involved in film, but don’t know how to go about it.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Phillip O’Sullivan
    Intense Productions

  10. Nancy Levonian / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted,

    My name is Nancy Levonian and I am directing a CSUN senior thesis! It’s a 1969 period piece about a young woman whose lost her fiance and learns to overcome her grief while on a road trip to see The Doors! I need all the help I can, we have 10 days to raise 8k :) I was wondering if you’d be able to share my page on your website! I’ve included the link for your consideration.


  11. Giulia Caruso / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted,

    my name is Giulia — I recently graduated in film directing from Calarts, where I assisted to a Skype lecture with you in Jon Reiss’ class. It was so good (despite the internet connection). I’m a big fan of your blog and your work, and your view on indie film that is so inspiring even when depressing :)

    I’m writing you because I’m organizing the 2nd International Project Discovery Forum for the LA Greek Film Festival, a pitching workshop for feature films in development from Greece and the Balkans. We have selected some great projects and I immediately thought of inviting you as one of our Panelists for the final presentation that will take place on Sunday, June 8th.

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to write to you, but if you are interested in talking more about this please email me at: pdfsubmissions@lagreekfilmfestival.org – so I can give you more information.

    It would be a great honor if you considered our invitation.

    Thank you!



  12. LightLeakLove / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hey Ted!

    I just wanted to let you know of a giveaway we are running that might really interest your HopeForFilm readers (seriously!).

    I’m from LightLeakLove.com, we provide video editing effects online. Anyway, we’re launching a new collection of effects – “ColorLove” and to celebrate, we’re giving away a killer video editing prize.

    One lucky duck’s gonna win
    - ColorLove. The newest Light Leak Collection from LightLeakLove.com
    - & a $250 PremiumBeat (stock music) voucher.
    Is this giveaway something that your HopeForFilm readers would be interested in?

    We’d be absolutely blown away if you think so and could maybe comment about it on your blog or twitter feed (that wold be amazing!).

    I know we’re pretty small fry compared to most of the companies and subjects you blog about, but because it’s a straightforward giveaway, there’s definitely upside in there for your audience.

    We have a killer press kit page here with info, images and video.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks again Ted!
    Charlie @lightleaklove:disqus

  13. John / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hello Ted,

    I see that you have good movie buffs fan following! :) I was wondering if you could write a small review about the tool that I recently made at http://imdbnator.com . It helps you compare movies on your computer with the help of IMDB!


  14. www.jeffreydavidmorris.com / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Google me: jeffreydavidmorris

  15. Steve Royall / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi,Ted, my name is Steve Royall, the writer/director of The Zeroes, an Oceans 11 meets The Sandlot comedy about a group of kids who band together to take on the neighborhood bullies. This anti bully film is completed and can be seen at:


    I would like to submit it for consideration in your film review section. Thank you very much in advance

    -Steve Royall

  16. Marc / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted, how are you?

    I am an independent filmmaker from Germany who studied film in Los Angeles. I am currently financing my next short film through a worldwide crowdfunding campagin. I am reaching out to fellow filmmakers, film lovers and enthusiats asking to spread the word about my project. The more people find out about my campaign, the more I can get excited about this film which I feel very passionate about. Therefore I would kindly ask you to share the website below in any way you can, of course only if the prject appeals to you.

    It’s a short film and book of short stories, all under one funding banner. I need your help to make this happen. You can learn more about the project by going to http://www.mikelis-film.com and following the link to Indiegogo, or going straight to our campaign site:


    Watch the video, read the pitch, select from the perks offered and give generously. And please, please, please spread the word. Because we know that there are lots of people out there who like telling new and unusual stories and who like being part of groundbreaking independent creative projects. Please get them involved. And please share our website http://www.mikelis-film.com on facebook, twitter and anywhere else you like. It means a few minutes of work for you, but for us it might result in the one decisive contact that will help us bring our project to life.

    The film is produced by Stefan Gieren, who won a Student Academy Award in 2011 and was nominated for an Oscar in 2012. It’s the easiest way for anyone to get his name or company attached to the project of an Academy-Award nominated producer. One can be sure to be attached to a quality project of the highest standards.

    The creative minds behind this unique project are Marc Bethke, who adapted Royce Leville’s story Mikelis into a short film screenplay, and Cam Jefferys, who runs Rippple Books. Marc, Cam and the rest of the team are calling out to you in the spirit of collaboration. Help us bring Mikelis to the screen and get The Book of Names in print.

    Let me know if you have any questions or like to have more information. I really appreciate your time!

    With thanks and regards,


  17. Christopher Ciancimino / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    Hi Ted,
    I thought you might be interested in the site Canopy.co as a possible future distribution model. Even though it was designed for Amazon, I think there is something about a curator-based website pooling opinions to help direct viewers to content that was inspiring. Maybe you can see more in it than I can.
    Either way, check it out: canopy.co


  18. Wade Boyes / Feb 18 at 10:08pm

    What’s up, POS? (Project: One Shot Media Release Request) http://www.projectoneshot.org

    G’day from Australia Ted,

    Wade Boyes (Co-Producer of Project: One Shot) here. With the Australian film industry feeling rattled after the government’s recent announcement of a $25million budget cut for Screen Australia, myself and a few local artists have decided to do a bit of cage-rattling of our own. Every one of us fears the impact that this announcement could have on our industry in terms of job cuts and none of us are going to allow our exceptional pool of creative talent suffer. We will continue to do what we know best and prove to the world that we Aussies will keep on producing quality films no matter what.

    We would love you to spread the word about PROJECT: ONE SHOT and help a dedicated team of passionate filmmakers create one of the most ambitious films ever conceived. Requests for interviews from director Darwin Brooks (SIX GUN DEAD staring Lindsay Lohan a western horror flick. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3200518/) or any of our illustrious cast and crew are welcome. Go on, give us a shot.

    Press Release below feel free to use any of it!

    South-East Queensland is about to get one shot at making landmark film history with the ambitious PROJECT: ONE SHOT.

    Funded, written, produced and filmed by an impassioned group of local talent, PROJECT: ONE SHOT is the brainchild of prominent film-maker, Darwin Brooks.

    “I’ll never forget the time I was given my first big break—that “one shot” that launched my career from wannabe to established professional,” says Brooks. “PROJECT: ONE SHOT is about giving back. Now it’s my turn to provide the same opportunity for others.”

    The concept for PROJECT: ONE SHOT sounds audacious: a 15-minute film consisting of one single Steadicam shot incorporating around 30 scenes written by 15 writers, performed by 100 actors and captured by over 50 sound technicians, make-up artists, assistant directors, traffic control officers, stunt co-ordinators, cinematographers, DOPs, and costume and set designers. The iconic Sanctuary Cove has been hand-picked as the location setting with filming expected to take place on Wednesday, 3rd September 2014.

    The planning and manpower required to achieve this feat will be both physically and logistically demanding. The cast and crew will be required to consistently rehearse each scene both with and without the camera and be ready to perform it seamlessly on the single day of shooting. The concentration levels needed to remember every beat, twist and turn of the shot; how the actors move; and when to step on or avoid an obstacle while holding the composition and carrying heavy equipment will be extraordinary. Co-ordinating this mammoth task will be international award-winning cinematographer and DOP, Ross Giardina, and Australia’s leading Steadicam operator, Gary Collins.

    PROJECT: ONE SHOT is headlined by A-list stars Ian Stenlake (SEA PATROL, STINGERS, GETAWAY), John Batchelor (SEA PATROL, HOME AND AWAY, UNDERBELLY, ALL SAINTS, STINGERS) and Joss McWilliam – (WATER RATS, HOME AND AWAY, THE FLYING DOCTORS, BLUE HEELERS, H2O) along with local celebrities Liz Cantor and Ben from Brisbane.

    “The response to PROJECT: ONE SHOT has been overwhelming. The array of talent that has approached me wanting to be part of this film has blown me away,” says Brooks. “It’s a testament to the passion and enthusiasm inherent within the Queensland film community and it makes me so proud to be a part of.”

    Perhaps the greatest indication of the degree of confidence invested in this film is its source of funding. Each participant has invested $100 of their own money into the project’s budget. Such is the faith of the local community in the vision of Darwin Brooks, a local Gold Coast boy whose dreams elevated him to international acclaim on such productions as THE GREAT GATSBY, 47 RONIN, AUSTRALIA, PRINCE OF PERSIA, ALEXANDER, PETER PAN, BORDER PATROL, THE STARTER WIFE and SEA PATROL.


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