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October 23 at 7:20pm

Come To My First LA Bookstore Reading EVER!

By Ted Hope

Yup.  I will tell some great tales, read a few passages, answer a lot of questions, and distribute some free gifts.  All this and more this Friday evening.  At Book Soup. 7p.  8818 Sunset Blvd.  See you there!

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  1. Jeff Kramer / Oct 23 at 7:20pm


    While I didn’t join you at Book Soup, I did hear you read a few passages at Tom Dolby’s. We spoke very briefly while you were signing a copy of your book for me, which I just finished. If I may… (1) As a filmmaker, speaking for myself and likely for many others, working with you would be an amazing experience. (2) In part, your inscription included, “We know that it (film) can connect us with incredible people, and ever build bridges across the globe. You’ve seen that!” At a wrap party in Shanghai Harbor at the end of filming a feature I wrote and directed primarily in rural China, I spoke the words, “Working together with all of you incredibly talented people will connect us forever, and build bridges across the globe.” The parallel blew my mind when I read your inscription. Great book, I hope our paths cross again soon.



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