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September 26 at 11:15am

Book Excerpt: How Nicole Holofcener Got Her Start

By Ted Hope

Did you miss the excerpt of my book “Hope For Film” that Women And Hollywood ran the other week? It’s not too late.

Just click on it here.

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  1. issue / Sep 26 at 11:15am

    link not working?

  2. David K. Greenwald / Sep 26 at 11:15am
  3. Isabel / Sep 26 at 11:15am

    Great excerpt Ted. I love Nicole Holofcener and I fondly remember seeing Walking & Talking at my local rep theatre.

  4. Pat Patterson / Sep 26 at 11:15am

    I is always helpful to see the path of others and that mistakes can be blessings. Especially liked your 3 questions about themes during development to be most helpful .

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