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Critics Agree: See STARLET This Weekend

Posted By Ted Hope On November 10, 2012 @ 4:00 pm In My Films | No Comments

Check it:

LA Times [1]: “One of the year’s most arresting, heartfelt indies”.

NY Times [2] (Manhola Dargis): “The bright sun that blasts through “Starlet,” [3] a thrillingly, unexpectedly good American movie about love and a moral awakening, bathes everything in a radiant light, even the small houses with thirsty lawns and dusty cars. This isn’t nowhere, but it’s right next door…”

Variety [4]: “Though named after a party girl’s pet Chihuahua, “Starlet” could just as easily describe the two exceptional first-timers making their debuts in this brittle, beautifully understated San Fernando Valley character study”

Village Voice [5]: “An empathic, absorbing tale of the old and the beautiful, Starlet tracks an unlikely intergenerational friendship in the San Fernando Valley [6]Director Sean Baker [7]‘s genuine admiration for these two women extends to their idiosyncrasies, yet they never become fools, whores, saints, or coots.”

NPR [8]: “Starlet represents a welcome throwback to the smoggy West Coast character studies of the 1970s”

The Onion AV Club [9]: “Starlet is refreshingly unsentimental in its depiction of both youth and age. Starlet is an unusually subtle, quiet character study that builds to a quietly powerful climax”

And if you want something from the man on the street, how does @RealRonHoward [10] grab you?  ”We really enjoyed Starlet Excellent performances pic.twitter.com/nDyhQYqE [11]

Need I say more?  The 1st weekend of a film, as you know damn well, makes or breaks an indie.  Please check it out this weekend in New York or LA.

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