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November 10 at 4:00pm

Critics Agree: See STARLET This Weekend

By Ted Hope

Check it:

LA Times: “One of the year’s most arresting, heartfelt indies”.

NY Times (Manhola Dargis): “The bright sun that blasts through “Starlet,” a thrillingly, unexpectedly good American movie about love and a moral awakening, bathes everything in a radiant light, even the small houses with thirsty lawns and dusty cars. This isn’t nowhere, but it’s right next door…”

Variety: “Though named after a party girl’s pet Chihuahua, “Starlet” could just as easily describe the two exceptional first-timers making their debuts in this brittle, beautifully understated San Fernando Valley character study”

Village Voice: “An empathic, absorbing tale of the old and the beautiful, Starlet tracks an unlikely intergenerational friendship in the San Fernando ValleyDirector Sean Baker‘s genuine admiration for these two women extends to their idiosyncrasies, yet they never become fools, whores, saints, or coots.”

NPR: “Starlet represents a welcome throwback to the smoggy West Coast character studies of the 1970s”

The Onion AV Club: “Starlet is refreshingly unsentimental in its depiction of both youth and age. Starlet is an unusually subtle, quiet character study that builds to a quietly powerful climax”

And if you want something from the man on the street, how does @RealRonHoward grab you?  ”We really enjoyed Starlet Excellent performances pic.twitter.com/nDyhQYqE

Need I say more?  The 1st weekend of a film, as you know damn well, makes or breaks an indie.  Please check it out this weekend in New York or LA.

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